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I’ve never won nor lost a contest because I’ve never entered any before in my life.

That was until Robert Bigelow’s consciousness contest in January of 2021. A contest that looked for the best available evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness after Permanent Bodily Death.

Thirteen hundred applications flooded…

I recently came across a paragraph while reading Lyn Buchanan’s book, The Seventh Sense, that got me thinking.

“No matter what you have heard or felt or experienced concerning psychic attack. It is probably 99.99 percent the result of fear and imagination on your part, and has nothing to do with anything someone else has done to you. Sure, it felt real. The illness was real. The ‘bad luck’ incidents that started happening in your life were real. But the cause of those things had more to do with your own fear and imagination than with anything or anyone else.”

He could be right. Or the fact I’m in the .01 percent bracket where black magic victims always find me to help them. Are victims of black magic the same as victims…

Shaman Dao

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