How to Return Black Magic to the Sender

Shaman Dao
4 min readOct 24, 2020
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It took me an absorbent amount of self-reflection, self-belief, and self discernment to understand why I attracted so many black magic victims throughout my healing journey. I went through the struggles of doubting who I was, my purpose, and my sanity as I met these victims. From the outback to the United States of America and every continent in between, it didn’t matter where I was, they would always find me.

One day in meditation, the answer washed over me like a security blanket of peace. They sought me out because I had the ability, the knowledge, the strength, and the courage to face the darkest energies known to man. I had to believe that. I had to remember my soul’s purpose on this Earth plane. It was up to me and no one else.

Most people know me as the smiling, happy, shining, Dao who will give her last dollar or Euro to a hungry soul. Most people know me as someone who cares too much, is too nice. And you know what? I am. I am and have always been this person but I am also the Dao who will go head to head with dark ones in protection for the people I love and for those who need assistance (if Divine alignment and timing are in place).

The moment a black magic victim hears my name knows of my existence and/or gets in contact with me, their black magic practitioner turns their attention to me. It happens on the spirit side, the hidden world side, nothing tangible that a normal human being would be able to see, but it’s there, hidden. I’d like to share how to return black magic to the sender the moment of impact.

The most imperative moment is knowing when you are being attacked. That is the power of self discernment. Being able to discern if the emotions and feelings that are running through you are yours and no one or anything else’s. I say anything because it could be an entity, spirit attachment, thought form, soul fragment of another living being, etc.

It’s simple enough after you have worked on and habitually discerned self to the point of knowing your emotional and mental states of frequency. When you know and feel…



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