Pancakes and Porsches: The Art of Savoring Life’s Delicious Surprises

Shaman Dao
5 min readJan 11, 2024
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

I once posted a video where I expressed my gratitude for finding a dollar on my hike. Some people reacted with a laughing emoji.

Yet, the previous week, I found a nice twenty dollar bill on my walk. The week after that mighty dollar find, a cool ten thousand dollars dropped into my bank account. Where I gave grace and gratitude to all that is and all that was.

My life wasn’t always like this. Where my mornings would start off with abundance and end with magic. I was once like many people, laughing at the smaller finds, constantly searching for the bigger ones.

I played the victim when I could have played the main character. Not because I didn’t want to, it was because the directors in the first half of my life taught me how to play the victim.

Each of our realities depends on how we see the world through the lens given to us when we were younger. Many children grow up to never check back to Life’s optometrist to upgrade or diagnose their lens of perception. They continue to see the world as if they were the same children, with the same emotions from the same experiences way back when.

The thicker the trauma, the heavier the lens. The more difficult it is to see the truth, even when our truth lies inside.

I began the practice of giving and saying gratitude over a decade or two ago. For every green light to being spontaneously upgraded, I silently gave thanks to Spirit.

So when I tried to pay for my pancakes this morning in the hospital’s cafeteria, the neck-tattooed cashier looked at me and said, “You’re good.”

My heart warmed up as I responded, “Thank you,” and immeditately sent her an energetic hug. “Thank you, Spirit!” I announced as I sat down to eat my breakfast.

This was a mere three days after being told that loaner cars from the local Porsche dealership were two weeks out. It was finally time to have the dealership look at the squeaking sound in my SUV that popped up a couple of months ago.

I decided to drop off my car a day before the original appointment, where the lovely service advisor I…



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