The Modern Day Noah’s Ark

Shaman Dao
5 min readDec 8, 2023
Illustration by Barbara Kelley

In 2020, there was a powerful poem that went viral.

“We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship can be shipwrecked and mine might not be.”

A quick google search would come up with the author either as anonymous or to writer Damien Barr. Either way, it accurately described the shit storm the entire world was in.

I recently had an intuitive download of insight about Noah’s Ark. You know the one where God chose Noah and his family to save the human race by foretelling him to build an ark before the great flood.

Noah was instructed to build an ark, and by God’s instructions, he took into the ark male and female specimens of all the world’s species of animals, from which the stocks might be replenished.

I thought about our modern-day arks. In this massive invisible ocean of emotional turmoil, people are hanging onto driftwood, sailing on boats, and cruising on yachts as we all wade through the treacherous emotional waves of uncertainty. Many people have drowned and many more will continue as their trauma stacks soak up the heaviness of all that is happening around them.

One of the best pieces of advice was given to me by a police officer in Amalfi, Italy when he taught me the basics of swimming. This was in the summertime of 2017 at the Amalfi coast. “Shut your mouth,” he said. By that, I mean, I had to breathe through my nose and close my mouth to not swallow the Tyrrhenian seawater.

I laughed and smiled because I thought he was joking. He lifted me from underneath the ocean surface choking for air. After I practiced not smiling and shutting my mouth, he promised me he’d be behind me as we swam out further into the open water to the communal floating thing.

My heart raced and I was afraid. Here was this kind man, who I met through mutual friends, who were living la Vida Loca up at the day club on the cliff ten feet from us. He was a seasoned professional, trained with the police academy and most likely other Italian departments, who I knew wouldn’t let me drown, but still… I hesitated.

My friends ten feet from us wouldn’t let me drown also, I thought to myself. They were all seasoned



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