The Spiritual STD

Shaman Dao
5 min readSep 9, 2020

Sexually Transmitted Demons

Recently, I’ve had the joys of explaining what a spiritual STD consists of. I wish I could tell you I was talking about chlamydia or HPV, but alas, I’m talking about another STD, sexually transmitted demons.

The kind that transfers with or without a condom. We’re talking soul to soul attachment.

The reason I had to explain the transference of energetic attachments to someone was because a person, let’s call him Joe, was trying to heal other people. Joe was trying to heal other people while he had black magic spells on him and entity attachments. And he knew about it.

He gave the excuse that he didn’t know that energy like that could transfer to another person. Even though he took his Youtube reiki courses very seriously and could feel the energy flowing through his hands. Wreckless, careless, and absolutely selfish.

It’s like having sex with someone, knowing full well you are infected with a sexually transmitted disease and not caring to use a condom. Because it feels oh, so good.

You guys, don’t do it. In the world of healing and all things spiritual, be responsible and considerate for the next person. Unfortunately, in a world with almost eight billion people, you are going to run into pseudo and up and coming healers who are out for one thing, and that ain’t healing the world.

I used to work in the banking industry and now I work solely in the spirit realm. I have given up my entire worldly existence to sacrifice most things people couldn’t imagine sacrificing. All in the name of understanding myself and my purpose. I see things differently because I’ve trained not just my physical eyes but also my third eye. I hop back and forth from the hidden worlds to the physical world.

I can see the dark, black smoke transferring from one person to another in the moment of impact. I can sense energetic attachments and sharp movements within a person’s soul before I even meet them. I can close my eyes and witness the total darkness…



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