What Happens To The Soul of a Child Predator After He Dies

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I exhaled the breath I held. He continued, “I’m not sorry about it.” I felt my soul move and about to jump into the spiritual realm and choke him. My soul stayed inside my body instead because his karma would be returned to him ten fold.

“To the twenty-three that Patrick hurt, I am calling out to you. I am calling out to each of the soul fragments he broke off of each of your souls and I am sending it back to those of you whom are still alive today, so that you stop searching for the parts of you that believed you have been missing your entire lives,” tears slid down my face with each word I spoke, “to those of you, I give you back a part of your soul, so that you can feel complete, so you can become whole again.”

I also know what it feels like when the fragments of my soul return back to me, so I can feel whole again.

Because it was the part of my soul that my predator took, a piece that I have traveled through dimensions to retrieve from him.



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