Why Spiritual Grounding is Important

Shaman Dao
4 min readApr 14, 2020
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Every time I would fly back home to Southern California, one of my best friends would tell me about the latest spiritual craze. Microdosing mushrooms on the full moon, smoking marijuana before, during and after a shamanic circle led by a certificate shaman. I would always take it with a grain of salt and ask about her feedback on all these types of hour gatherings.

“They’re okay. Last time the guy who led told us at the end he didn’t even want to be there. He could have not said that I mean what was that, right?” she scoffed over our Vietnamese vegan spring rolls. A ritual we would have when I come to visit.

I think about the energy transmitted in these types of circles and the lost identities trying to find purpose in the latest trends. Spirituality has become a trend and I don’t look at Los Angeles anymore as The City of Angels, but more so of The City of Lost Angels.

Last I heard was that over ten thousand people come to Los Angeles from other parts of the States and the world to ‘make it’ in the music/movie/television industry. Ten thousand souls with a fraction who know who they truly are, what they want and whom are grounded in their integrity. The other part? Tumbling over and getting swept up with every gust of wind because they are not grounded in who, what or where they are.

I mean, how many of us were in our twenties, right?

I think it’s really cool that more people are aware and knowledgeable about shamanism and astral traveling and the like, but at the same time, these are subjects not to be played around with. The invisible world holds within it maps and keys to our destinies but to get to the treasure, you need to have a map, an experienced guide, and the want to continue it through.

Did you know that there were long queues on Mount Everest last year and because of the inexperienced climbers, 2019 was the deadliest year in history for Mount Everest? With not much training and without a sherpa (guide), many of these amateur climbers not only risked their lives but the lives of others.

Shaman Dao

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