How to Return Black Magic to Sender Part II

Shaman Dao
6 min readJul 11, 2022
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It’s been almost two years since I wrote the article, “How to Return Black Magic to Sender.” It was last year I signed up on Tik Tok and two months later, I was introduced to #witchtok.

If you’re not familiar with Tik Tok and its algorithm, the videos you’re shown come from mainly the videos you show interest in. The longer you watch a certain type of video on Tik Tok, the more types of the same videos you will see.

It wasn’t long until I came across my first, ‘return to sender’ video on #witchtok.

Imagine the size of my eyes when I watched that video for the first time. Wait, am I a witch? Was the first thought which came to mind as glass cups of egg cleanses showed up on my ‘for you page.’

They’re doing a lot to return to sender, the second thought raced through as many of these Tik Tok witches poured red pepper flakes, hot sauce, salt, and garlic into these glass cups of egg cleanses to ‘return to sender.’

Not going to lie, I loved watching these videos which showed me a glimpse into the magic of witches. I still love watching it to this day and am fascinated by seeing spells and curses shared publicly on a platform such as Tik Tok.

It’s also incredible to see dark magic witches show you a step-by-step…



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